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    13 WIEHL WAY
    RAMPART, AK 99767
    PHONE: (907) 358-3320

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About Rampart

  • The name "Rampart" comes from the range of low mountains through which the Yukon River passes and forms the “ramparts” of the Upper Yukon. Rampart was established in the late 1800's as a river supply point for Gold Miners in this area. In the 1890's when miners struck gold at Minook Creek, Idaho Bar, Quail Creek, and Eureka Creek, all within 30 miles of Rampart, the population was as high as 10,000 residents. This population had Rampart listed as the second largest city in Alaska at the time.

    During this population boom Rampart had a local newspaper, hotels, saloons, theaters, a library, a fire department, and other various stores and businesses that were common in mining towns of this era. Novelist Rex Beach was part of the population boom along with Wyatt and Josephine Earp. Wyatt Earp had a gambling establishment in Rampart, and he supplied his household with wild game to eat. From the inspiration, Rex Beach modeled his character Ben Stark after Wyatt Earp in his novel “The Barrier.” 

    One thing that was always present in Rampart was the native community. Because of gold strikes in other locations such as Fairbanks and Nome, people moved away from Rampart. By the year 1903 only a Native community remained; most homes and businesses were abandoned. The Original Native Community was located across the river from Rampart at the mouth of Squaw Creek. By 1917 there were 30 natives and 30 non-natives living in Rampart.

    The population of Rampart is predominantly Alaska Native and is very active in subsistence activities. The traditional ways of preserving fish and large game hunting are the most common subsistence activities currently in Rampart. Other subsistence activities are gardening and gathering of seasonal berries and plants and some people still trap for furs. There are many accomplished bead work artists and fur and skin sewers in Rampart and people often take the time to share their talents with the youth.