In FY18 we will be continuing the Area Wide Student Council (AWSC) for high school, we have had younger grades participate as well. Please share with your students and encourage them to join. This is a student advisory board that reports to the YKSD School Board and is an annual term. AWSC was established by students in 2009 to try and revive Student Government within our district. What we look for are 2 student representatives from each site to represent your school and attend monthly video conference meetings with myself. At these meetings students share site updates, concerns, ideas or even plan events. This is a great leadership opportunity.  
    Wednesdays after lunch at 1:15pm will be the meeting time (this seemed to work best last year) unless there is a time/day of the week that works better for the sites.
    I am looking for at least two student representatives from each site to give site updates and vote on your schools behalf regarding student motions.
    Attached is a flyer outlying the scheduled meeting dates for the remainder of the school year. Some important dates coming up are.
    September 12AWSC student nominations due, the form is attached, students can run in the following ways.
    1. You can nominate a studentstudent can nominate another student, or they can nominate themselves.
    2. Some sites elect to have their own student council elections, in that case, 2 of your site elected officers will serve as your site representatives on the AWSCmeetings monthly. 
    September 27Site representatives will be announced
    October 4- First general meeting, members will be introduced. AWSC will have reorganization of the Board and determine the FY18 Student School Board President. Of this group, we will select officers to attend the AASB conference in November in Anchorage.
    This is a great leadership opportunity for your students, and good to put on their academic resume. If you have additional questions please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Andrea Durny-Nield
    AWSC Advisor



    President (Student Board Representative)- 

    Vice President