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    The Alaska Career Information System includes career interest assessments, training, education,
    financial aid, green jobs, military information, and job search assistance to help you decide on a
    career track.

    State of Alaska Career & Technical Education page provides information on Alaska's Career &
    Technical Education Plan, resources, programs of study, program elements, and new CTE
    Alaska Construction Academies

    The Alaska Construction Academy provide opportunities for students to learn construction
    related skills.


    Alaska Tech Prep program is a sequence of course study aligning high school courses to college
    education and workforce opportunities as part of a career pathway.  Students obtain certificates,
    endorsements, and training preparing them for the workforce, apprenticeships, or further

    Apprenticeships allow a person to "learn while they earn".  Apprentices learn skills
    to work in the trades or construction industry.
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    Going to college
    The thrill seeker. The self starter. The envelope pusher. The pioneer. The take-charge leader.
    The creative thinker. Do you see yourself as any of these types? A career in construction might be the right fit for you.
    Build Your Future Initiative is all about connecting people like you with a career in the construction industry that fits your personality and lifestyle. Check out our Career Center and  our "Financial Information."