• Becoming a Highly Qualified Paraprofessional


    Benefits of being a Highly Qualified Aide:

    • You will demonstrate your ability to be an asset in any PreK-12th grade classroom!
    • You will receive an increase in pay!


    Becoming Highly Qualified is easy--all you need to do is pass the ETS ParaPro Assessment with a score of 459 or better!


    To help you along the way, the YKSD will:

    • Provide tutoring and study guides.
    • Pay all registration/test fees.
    • Offer the test quarterly at your site.
    • Insure you have everything you need to succeed come test day.  


    Contact Patty Hill at 907-374-2417 or phill@yksd.com if you are interested in becoming a Highly Qualified Paraprofessional.