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    What is Phlight Club?
    Phlight Club is a youth leadership, empowerment, and connection rich "EXPERIENCE."

    We bring together at least 40 of YKSD's teens, in to YKSD village, each year. In 2008-2009 we convened in Fairbanks and Nulato. The next year, 2009-2010 we brought the Phlock together in Kaltag and Allakaket. In the 2010 - 2011 school year, we will gather the Phlock in Minto and Ruby. For the 2011-2012 we gathered in Huslia for the Fall, and are looking forward to meeting again in Manley, April 2012.

    The students come together to learn to identify and measure their web of support, and how they can self-activate it. They learn about the power of the full spectrum approach to youth development and it’s seven colors. They practice working together to solve problems using their heads, hands, and hearts. They solve these problems while keeping each other safe, focused, respected and involved.

    The Phlight club is about action, interspersed with short opportunities for "lessons" about school, life, and friendships.
    Each village takes a turn at hosting the gathering. Each site sets up one or two community nights during the event, where the youth have done presentations to the whole community to thank them for their support. We have had the adults come and join in some of the Club activities along side the teens.

    The activity is chaperoned by adults from each village, and staff and parents from around the district.
    We carefully review each application to make sure that we get a cross section of the students from throughout the district. Unfortunately, we can’t bring everyone who applies. You can get an application from your principal, your school counselor, or Andrea Durny.

    Can we protect students, and make them BOUNCE?
    the web of support
    Resiliency is almost guaranteed when a teen has a web of support. This web is made of protective factors that guide youth to make good decisions and grow to be healthy and successful. This protection is found within the complete spectrum of each student’s developmental ecology.

    Phlight Club will concentrate on building and sustaining a web for all YKSD students, both inside and outside of the classroom. These webs will help our kids to succeed, now and long into the future.

    More than fifty years of national research has proven that the tighter the web teenagers have, the more likely they will succeed in school, help others, and avoid alcohol and drugs. We know the seven phactors™ (areas of impact) that make strong children and youth. We know what to do.

    The basic wisdom of the resiliency research is that adults must focus on the positive attributes that we want for our children. We focus on growing something, not stopping something. When adults guide and support students to build the skills and values necessary to stay connected to their web, then many of the problems that we currently focus upon will be eliminated or significantly reduced. The home, family, school, and community are critical in building resiliency in students.

    What we Know
    The development of resiliency involves all potential anchors in discovering and sharing how to best build the webs of support that YKSD kids need. The design of this project is built on the following:
    1. All students need a rich web of support. While it is crucial to pay special attention to those youth who have fewer strings in their web, all young people can use more.
    2. Every adult can play a role in building webs. Integrative Youth Development requires consistent efforts across a community.
    3. Building webs is an ongoing and complex process. A web of support is necessary from early childhood through high school and beyond.
    4. Relationships with Anchors are the foundation. Strong relationships between adults and young people are the building blocks of youth development. Integrative Youth Development requires the presence of at least five caring, supportive adults and peers in each student's life.
    5. Consistent messages through social norms. Youth Development requires consistent, positive, and clear messages about high expectations and what is important.
    6. Redundancy. To sustain the web, students need to hear connecting messages and feel regular (almost constant) support from the adults who anchor their web.

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