• ·         This year students from Minto, Manley, Allakaket, Hughes, Kaltag, Nulato, Ruby, and Koyukuk gathered in Huslia for Phlight Club September 22nd thru the 25th. We are happy to report another successful weekend with our students. I would like to say thank you to the Chaperones: Eddie & Larissa Hornsby, Shannon Madros, Scotty Shears, Danielle Esmailka, Emily Worel, Devon Strain, Travis Sutton, Michael Ambrose and of course our cook Jen McLean for making it such a such a wonderful weekend. I would also like to thank the staff and community in Huslia for making us all feel welcome, Superintendent Kerry Boyd for spending an evening with us, and all the teachers and staff for supporting our efforts. Thank you to Derek Peterson for sharing his talents and abilities, we are very fortunate to have him working with our district and the students respect him greatly, below are a few words from Derek.


    ·         “Phlight Club... Building dream catchers for every student - ROY G BIV. They lifted their Superintendent UP! And, they caught her, when she trusted them. They rolled on the floor, crossed high ropes, fell into each other's arms, they played the Huslia Golf Course, they turned their world's around, they lifted others high above their heads, and pulled others across the floor. They carried others on their backs, and let everyone walk all over them! And, they wrote their cards, learned their colors (ROY G BIV) and were kind, respectful, and energetic the whole time. I am so proud of EACH and EVERY ONE of the Phlight Club student leaders. They worked it!! They learned!! They laughed!! They lifted each other up!! They got out of their comfort zones!! They raised their voices!! They ALL DANCED the whole night!! They cleaned the school!! And, at the end of it all, they hugged each other, and were grateful to the adults!!! “~ Derek Peterson