Area Wide Student Council (AWSC) grades 8-12 (we have had younger grades participate as well). Please share with your students and encourage them to join. This is a student advisory board that reports to the YKSD School Board. AWSC was established by students in 2009 to try and revive Student Government within our district. What we look for are 1or 2 student representatives from each site to represent your school and attend monthly video conference meetings. At these meetings, students share site updates, concerns, ideas or even plan events. This is a great leadership opportunity. Monthly meetings take place over VTC on Tuesdays at lunch, 12:00pm: September 20, October 4, November 4, December 6, January 10, February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2
    Important dates 
    September 14AWSC student nominations due, the form is attached, students can run in the following ways.
    1. You can nominate a studentstudent can nominate another student, or they can nominate themselves.
    2. Some sites elect to have their own student council elections, in that case, 2 of your site elected officers will serve as your site representatives on the AWSCmeetings monthly. 
    September 20- First general meeting, members will be introduced. AWSC will have reorganization of the Board and determine the FY22 Student School Board President. 
    Additional virtual leadership opportunities for students
    This is a great leadership opportunity for your students, and good to put on their academic resume. If you have additional questions, please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Kela Gillihan
    AWSC Advisor


    FY23 Members

    President, Alexis Moses

    Vice President, Chad Roberts

    Secretary, Agnes Patsey

    Treasurer, Tristan Linus 



    Hughes- Dymond Sam

                   Holly Tritt

                   Gabby Ambrose


    Nulato- Agnes Patsey

                  Cierra Sommer

                  Owen Chapman

                  Seth Chapman

                  Cola Sipary


    Allakaket- Tristan Linus

                       Gabe Nollner


    Kaltag- Aaliyah Hildebrand

                  Natalie Hildebrand

                  Calvin McGinty

                  Kensie Bush-Carlson


    Minto- Chad Roberts


    Koyukuk- Alexis Moses

                      Braydon Dayton


    Ruby- Chasity Greenway

                Sidney McCarty


    Huslia- TBD

    Rampart- TBD

    Tanana- TBD