• Course Description:

    This course is designed around the lessons provided in the Close-Up workbook in preparation for the Close-Up trip to Washington D.C. Students will learn about, and then experience first hand, the political structure and function of the U.S. Government and political process including: the making of laws, the roles of our elected officials in Washington D.C., and the discussions taking place surrounding pertinent issues in Congress. Students will discuss current issues facing Americans and young people today and become knowledgeable about the responsibilities of and the importance of being an involved citizen. As Close-Up participants, students will tour the capitol and monuments in Washington D.C. and participate in numerous activities. The course requires that each participant complete a follow-up presentation once they return from their trip. The follow-up activity must be completed before the end of the school year to receive .5 credit.
    Instructors:  Nicholas Graves and Rachel Reilly (Close-Up chaperones)