Yukon-Koyukuk School District

Enaa neenyo (I'm glad you came)!

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Counseling Resources
1. A Collection of Sexual Abuse Prevention Resources and K-3 Lessons
2. Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet: Describes a little bit about child sexual abuse, some of the statistics of this topic, and some myths people believe about child sexual abuse.  
1.  Includes video clips, facts, games & responding to bullying.
2. Includes free lesson plans for PK-8 organized by month and information on cyber-bullying.  http://www.peelregion.ca/health/bullying/
 3. Free lesson plans, online bullying games for students, activities & quizzes. 
Career Exploration: 
1. The 16 career clusters & job lists, study plans, and Career Jeopardy Game for K-6!
2. Career portfolio resources & much more using AKCIS (Alaska Career Information System) 
4. Career Exploration & Guides: For younger kids
5. Elementary Career Development Lessons 
6. Job Personality Quiz (Grades 2-3, May have to read it and have students follow along, depending on reading levels)