• YKSD is divided into 3 sections with one school member residing in each section. Ruth Folger presides as Board Chair and Marie Dayton is the Vice-Chair. All members serve a three-year term.

    We encourage you to get to know your school board members. Please use the resources below to begin your journey in becoming a more involved citizen of your community.

    If you need access to agendas and minutes from previous school years, please contact the main office of the Board Secretary at (907) 374-9416.


    Ruth Folger
    Ruth Folger, Chairperson
    Location: Minto, Seat G
    Term Expires: 10/2025
    Marie Dayton
    Marie Dayton, Vice-Chairperson
    Location: Koyukuk, Seat D
    Team Expires: 10/2025
    Anne Titus
    Anne Titus, Secretary
    Location: Ruby, Seat C
    Term Expires: 10/2026
    Leona Starr
    Leona Starr, Member
    Location: Huslia, Seat A
    Term Expires: 10/2024
    Pete Anderson
    Pete Anderson, Member
    Location: Minto, Seat F
    Term Expires: 10/2026
    Jeanette Williams, Member
    Location: Huslia, Seat B
    Term Expires: 10/2026
    Maurice McGinty
    Maurice McGinty, Member
    Location: Nulato, Seat C
    Term Expires: 10/2024