• YKSD is divided into 3 sections with one school member residing in each section.  Maurice McGinty presides as Board Chair and Fred Bifelt is the Vice-Chair. All members serve a three-year term. 

    We encourage you to get to know your school board members. Please use the resources below to begin your journey in becoming a more involved citizen of your community.
    If you need access to agendas and minutes from previous school years, please email Kimberlee Pippin for this information. 

     maurice Maurice McGinty, Board Chairperson
    Location: Nulato, Seat C
    Term Expires: 10/2020
    Fred Bifelt, Vice-Chairperson
    Location: Huslia, Seat B 
    Term Expires: 10/2020




    Gloria Patsy, Treasurer
    Location: Nulato, Seat D
    Term Expires: 10/2019
    Shirley Kruger, Secretary
    Location: Nulato, Seat E
    Term Expires: 10/2021
    Wilmer Beetus, Member
    Location: Hughes, Seat A
    Term Expires: 10/2021
    Wilma David, Member
    Location: Minto, Seat  G
    Term Expires: 10/2019


    Dian Gurtler, Member
    Location: Manley Hot Springs, Seat F
    Term Expires: 10/2020