MAP Reports 

    Log in to NWEA Reports: https://reports.nwea.org


    Teacher Reports:

    Click on “Teacher Reports” on left menu.

    Select term for example: “Fall 2018”

    Administrators:  (Select “show passwords” – if you need to get teacher passwords for them); Click on “Get Teacher List”

    Click on a teacher name


    Individual Student Growth Reports:

    Click on “View Reports” on the left menu, then "MAP Reports" on the same left menu

    From the list on the middle screen click on "Student Progress" 

    Select term “Fall 2017-2018”  - hit next

    Select student to view SPR, or "Select All" to print SPR for entire class

    Select desired comparison “fall to fall”

    Select  Desired Test events

    Select Desired Goal Ranges- Note: Goal Descriptor gives "Low, Avg, High", Goal RIT Ranges gives "numbers"

    Select desired Graph Style- Line or Bar

    Select desired group output- "One PDF per Student" 
    Click "Next". Reports will show up  in Queue and will need to be downloaded to your  computer for  printing

    It’s a good idea to print them two-sided so each student has a one page report with text on one side and the graph on the other.


    Students Not Tested:

    Click on “Students Not Tested” on the left menu

    Select term “Fall 2018"

    Hit submit

    Click on a number under a subject area; it will bring up a table with a column of students not tested by grade level.  Click on a number in that line and it will show the names of the students.  Note:  Kindergarten is at the bottom of the list as grade 13.