JHS LEGO ROBOTICS Challenge
        Students began by building complex and exciting sets using the construction steps and program guides on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 software.  These sets included robotic arms, elephants, gyroscopes, stair climbers and biting robots.
       Once familiar with the building techniques they moved on to building a simple robot they could use to learn to program its dual drive motors, lift motor, and us the gyro or ultrasonic sensor to give the robot brains.
       A robotics course was set up to modal a forest fire where students had to program their robot to perform specific tasks. Tasks including lifting a warning flag, pulling back trees to create a forest line, pushing boaters into the river to rescue them, pushing an airplane to help it take off and moving cargo from the airport to the village.  Students could choose which tasks to complete and gained points for completing them and lost points for running into obstacles.
    Building Legos
    Students and staff construct their LEGO robotsRobots
     A student uses a color coded brick to control Gyro Boy
    Programing A student is learning how to program his robot for competition using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Software.
    Course Students are programming, testing, and readjusting their programs to accomplish tasks on the challenge course. 
    A student is wiring up the motors and sensors on his robot.