• Welcome Parents and Students!

    PowerSchool is a student information management system, is used by administrative staff at all schools to record student attendance during the school year. In addition, PowerSchool is used by classroom teachers to input and maintain student grades electronically. All parents and students have the opportunity to use PowerSchool to access attendance, activities, assignments, and grades (both current and historical) throughout the school year.

    Each student's school can provide parents with information (Access ID and Access Password) needed to securely link the guardian's student(s) to their respective PowerSchool accounts. A parent or guardian of multiple students can link all of their students to one guardian account.  Once your account has been created, you will log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal with the User Name and password you chose when creating your account. After you create your guardian account, the Access ID and Access password are no longer needed.

    If you already have your account set up, you can log in here: https://yksd.powerschool.com/public/