• Pacing Guides/Lesson Templates (Click the link for the Documents)

    This document consists of two pieces for each grade level: 1) a pacing guide that approximates how long each unit should take and 2) a weekly instructional schedule that states about how much time each activity should take and whether that activity is best done as a whole class or in small groups. This tool was designed to help teachers maximize instruction in straight-grade or multi-grade classrooms to assure that every student has the skills needed to achieve to his/her fullest potential every year. The ECE Coordinator will be collecting periodic feedback on this tool to make adjustments to better meet teachers' needs.

    Teachers should use their professional judgment and student data to determine the pace of instruction. If however, a teacher finds that s/he has fallen significantly behind or is advancing at a much faster pace, s/he will need to meet with the ECE Coordinator and his/her site supervisor to determine whether the students are meeting expectations and to develop a plan to adjust instruction accordingly.