• Fire Drill & Safety Inspection Forms

    Fire drills are to be completed once a month.
    Facility inspections are to be completed once every 90 days.

    Instructions for Completing a Fire Drill

    1. Call the fire alarm monitoring station to put the account on test - 1-800-358-2669.
    2. Reference the account number for your school:
              Allakaket School - 1701-0519
              Johnny Oldman School - 1701-0518
              Kaltag School - 1701-0513
              Ella B Vernetti School - 1701-0514
              Gladys Dart School - 1701-0512
              Minto School - 1701-0516
              Andrew K Demoski School - 1701-0517
              Rampart School - 1800-0081  
              Merreline A Kangas School - 1701-0515
    3. Put the account on test for no more than 2 hours. Alarms during this time will be regarded as drills.
    4. Perform fire drill by activating a pull station. Try to use a different pull station each time.
    5. Evacuate the building.
    6. Reset the pull station. A key or 9/64 Allen wrench may be needed.
    7. Reset the fire alarm panel by pushing ALARM ACK, AUDIBLE SILENCE, and RESET buttons.
    8. Complete the fire drill report form and scan to maintenance@yksd.com.