Yukon-Koyukuk School District

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Cristina Welker, Director of Special Education, Counseling & Student Support Services
Phone: 907-374-9430
Fax: 907-374-9444 
Ariel NovakRegistrar
Serving the Yukon-Koyukuk District
Phone: 907-374-9415
Fax: 907-347-9444
Breanna Semaken, Counseling Administrative Assistant
Phone: 907-374-9428
Fax: 907-374-9444
Travis M. Sutton, Consulting Counselor  
Phone: 715-914-0395
Fax: 907-374-9444 
Vacant, Itinerant Counselor
Allakaket School, Johnny Oldman School, Jimmy Huntington School
Phone: 907-829-2405 
Fax: 907-829-2270
Jolene McGinty, Itinerant Counselor
Andrew K. Demoski School, Kaltag School,
Merreline A. Kangas School, Ella B. Vernetti School
Phone: 907-898-2204/907-374-9426
Fax: 907-374-9444
Patty Woody, Itinerant Counselor
Gladys Dart School and Minto School
Phone: 907-374-9435
Fax: 907-374-9440
Amanda York, Itinerant Counselor
Rampart School