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    Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Welcome to Yukon-Koyukuk School District's Counseling Services Department! Herein, we invite you to browse an overview of services offered, graduation guidelines, scholarship information, links, post-secondary assessments, and much more! 

    What does your school counselor do anyway? 

    • Implements your school's Comprehensive Counseling Program
    • Offers Individual and Group Counseling
    • Helps Students Plan For Life After High School
    • Teaches K-12 Developmental Guidance Lessons
    • Assists Principals & Teachers w/Problem Solving
    • Manages Students' Graduation Progress
    • Offers Crisis Counseling
    • Assists w/Scholarships
    • Administers ACT & Other Assessments
    • Manages Students' Schedules in Power School
    • Assists on IEP/504 Teams
    • Connects Families to Resources When Needed
    • Serves as a Positive Role Model & Team Player

    An easy way to describe your school counselor is "problem solver."  In our schools, students are faced with many academic, social/emotional and career related issues that your school counselor will do their best to assist with.  With this in mind, it is very important to recognize that your counselor is like anyone else in the respect we all have specific strengths.  Some school counselors have training/experience in mental health (treating people for depression, anxiety etc.) while many school counselors do not.  Largely, counselors who work in schools assist students primarily with issues and concerns related to improving academic success, social skills, and career planning.  For many people, the work of the “school counselor” has been somewhat of a secret!

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    24-Hour Help:
    HOTLINE for Suicide/Crisis
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