Yukon-Koyukuk School District

Enaa neenyo (I'm glad you came)!

Gladys Dart School, Manley Hot Springs

PO Box 29
Elliot Highway 162
Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756
Phone: (907)672-3202
Fax: (907)672-3201

Patty White, Principal
Phyllis Williams, Elementary Teacher
Patty Woody, Itinerant Counselor
Lorrie Green, Principal Aide
David Hoffman, Maintenance

Gladys Dart School

Manley Hot Springs lies 160 miles northwest of Fairbanks at the end of the Elliot Highway. This community is nestled in the hills of the Tanana River Valley. This beautiful landscape hosts a healthy and diverse ecosystem. People who live here enjoy backyard access to fishing, hunting, trapping, snowmachining, dogmushing, watersports, natural hot springs, hot tubbing, gardening, and more. These features are utilized by the children and contribute to a unique childhood. Their two-room style school offers a diverse selection of challenges and rewards for both students and teachers. The students and the community are rewarded with the fruits of this special rural setting. They are ensconced in a rich cultural setting, which embraces a conservative use of resources and is rich in traditions and practices into their lives by utilizing local resources for clothing, food, and recreation. Whether interests lay in animals, birds, plants, or simply soaking in the expansive scenery, Manley Hot Springs has plenty to offer.