YKSD (2023-2024) is pleased to present a list of open solicitations for the following goods and services we are eager to offer in our schools. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, we kindly request you to reach out to our CTE Department.

Open Solicitations 23-24

  • Please Contact YKSD's CTE Department for Additional Information

    Thomas Hall - CTE Director

    Phone: 907-374-9437

    Email: thall@yksd.com

    **Proposals will be evaluated on past vendor performance as well as capacity for continued training.

    **Proposals will be reviewed weekly and multiple vendors may be selected based on demand from families.

    **Send proposals to thall@yksd.com

    Equal Employment Opportunity: The Contractor agrees to abide by any “Equal Employment Opportunity” state or federal laws, which may apply to this Agreement.

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