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AK STAR and AK Science Practice Tests Available


The AK STAR practice tests are now available online and have been updated and improved since last year, specifically the text-to-speech tests. AK STAR will test English Language Arts and Math in grades 3-9.

This practice test is available online at:

Select the ‘Practice Tests’ button. You will then select the testing year, grade level, subject, and accommodations. To practice using text-to-speech (TTS), select a grade level and subject, then choose ‘Text To Speech’ as the accommodation. To use the practice test without TTS, choose ‘No Accommodations’.

AK Science

The AK Science test will be given for grades 5, 8, and 10.

This practice test is available online at:

To take the practice test, you must use Google Chrome. Select ‘Online Tools Training’, select the 'Science' test, and then choose your grade level. If you want to use text-to-speech select the ‘audio’ test. Sign into the practice test with the credentials below.