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Congratulations to Brandy Henderson!

brandy Brandy Henderson is the most deserving employee you could have for teacher of the year. Each school day she starts her day at 6 am. She is the first person at work every day without question. She is regularly at the school each evening until well after everyone else goes home. She is not only dedicated to the kids but also to the YKSD teachers and staff. She donates her time each summer to help teach the new hires what it will take to live comfortably in the bush. Also, if you were to go to her room after any school day you will find other teachers in her classroom discussing their day or collaborating together to make our school the best it can be. It would be easy to say that she is the glue that holds this staff together. With 20 years of teaching experience and 11 of those here at YKSD, you won’t find another teacher who makes a bigger difference. She is and will continue to be the best at what she does regardless of if she gets this award. She has for the last 11 years been an active part of the community, attending all functions and events. Brandy lives full time in the community making it “home”. She inspires and makes a significant impact on students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn without a question.