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Congratulations to Mike Johnson!

mike Mike Johnson is incredibly conscientious about how he approaches his job each day. He has excellent attendance and an impressive work ethic. He goes above and beyond to ensure that the school is clean and ready for the students and staff each and every day. Since our school is a community school that is used for after-school activities on a regular basis, Mike is instrumental in preparing the school for all of the community's needs. Mike is very patient and supportive with all of our students, staff, and community members. Though Mike is generally fairly quiet and reserved, his actions speak for themselves. He is very easy going and serves as a role model for all of our students. Mike has excellent attendance and is very trustworthy. Mike is always willing to do whatever is needed to keep the school running smoothly each and every day. Mike never complains and greets everyone with a smile. Mike works in harmony with all staff members at all times. He is very consistent; you can always count on Mike. He quietly goes about his business each afternoon. It would be very easy to take Mike for granted because he works diligently each day with no drama or need for recognition to give his best each day.