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Nominations for Employee of the Year!

It is time to nominate the Employee of the Year!  Please nominate staffeoy members you feel have performed his or her duties in such a manner that significantly contributes to the functioning of the Yukon Koyukuk School District. The focus should be on the work done by the employee during the regular course of his/her employment. 

ELIGIBILITY: This award is open to all employees in the Yukon Koyukuk School District who have been employed in the district a minimum of TWO years at the beginning of the nomination period. An individual may be nominated who works full-time or part-time in any position. Employees who have received this award within the last 3 years are not eligible. 

Please click here to fill out the nomination form and submit online.


When we think about what makes a great school district, it comes back to the people who work with our students every day. For instance, it is well-researched that good teachers are the single most determining factor in student success. At YKSD, every position impacts a student’s success. Maintenance and custodial workers who take great pride in keeping the grounds neat, bathrooms clean, and hallways clean send a message that the school cares about the students.  This gives students a greater sense of worth, and inspires them to do their best because caring people care about them.

AWARD:  The award is given annually to one classified employee and one certified employee.  The 2023 award will be selected by the regional school board at its March meeting and presented by the local school and community at their end of the year celebration in May.

The EOY recipient will receive:

  1. A gift card of $250.00 
  2. Engraved name plate on a plaque that recognizes the recipient and is displayed in the regional board room
  3. Engraved name plate on a plaque that recognizes recipient for their own
  4. Picture and nomination posted on YKSD website
  5. Article & photo in Staff Connections newsletter.