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Cold Weather Guidelines

YKSD Cold Weather Guidelinessnow

When the temperature reaches between -30 and -39 degrees Fahrenheit, principals will use their discretion in canceling field trips and extracurricular activities.   When making their decision, principals will consider current weather conditions and the necessity of the activity.  If an agreement cannot be reached, the Superintendent shall make the decision.

All students traveling outside the district by ground or air transportation during the winter period must have the following in their possession; winter hat, winter coat, snow pants, gloves, boots, and a winter sleeping bag.  The sponsor accompanying the student(s) shall carry a cell phone or calling card for emergency calls.

At -40 degrees Fahrenheit, all activities that require air transportation will be cancelled. Students cannot be transported if at the time of departure the temperature is -40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Parental discretion is advised in determining whether the child(ren) should attend school during extreme weather conditions, -50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Any student not attending school during these conditions will be granted an excused absence.  Written excuses from parents may be required by school principals prior to the students return to school.   Cold weather nonattendance does not relieve the student of his/her responsibility of making up missed school work.

The school district does not close schools for cold weather.  In rare instances, the Superintendent may close school for safety reasons due to a combination of cold weather, road conditions, and/or ice fog.

All school days missed due to school closures shall be made up at a later time during the school year, unless a waiver is granted by the Commissioner of Education.

To verify the temperature, please visit the National Weather Service website at: