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Trapping and Resource Development

YKSD is soliciting proposals for a Resource Development Course in Trapping to be conducted at our 10 school sites. As an educational institution committed to providing comprehensive and diverse learning opportunities, we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage responsibly with their environment, culture, and traditional practices.

Course objectives that should be included but are not limited to:

  • educate students about wildlife regulations
  • cultural connections
  • conservation, ethics
  • Animal identification
  • tracking
  • types of traps
  • Care of pelts

The course should empower students to develop a deep understanding of trapping practices, fostering respect for the natural world while promoting sustainable resource utilization.


Posted 05/01/2023


Please Contact YKSD's CTE Department for Additional Information

Thomas Hall - CTE Director

Phone: 907-374-9437




Proposals will be evaluated on past vendor performance as well as capacity for continued training.

Proposals will be reviewed weekly and multiple vendors may be selected based on demand from families.

Send proposals to



Equal Employment Opportunity: The Contractor agrees to abide by any “Equal Employment Opportunity” state or federal laws, which may apply to this Agreement.

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