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March 6, 2013

The Alaska Laborers Training School has a 5100 On-the Job Training and 144 Classroom time Apprenticeship program. 

Alaska Laborers Training School accepts applications all year round.  The interview process will be taking place April 15th-17th, 2013.  The deadline for accepting applications forthis interview session is April 10th, 2013.  Please feel free to encourage applicants to submit an application prior to this date otherwise their application will be held until the next interview session is scheduled.

The Program

v  More than a 1000 OJT hours to be completed in the 4 disciplines of


o   Building Construction

o   Highway Construction

o   Specialty Construction

o   and Utility Construction


o   Areas of class instruction could include any of the following: Equipment Safety, Plans, Reading, OSHA 10-30, Asbestos Abatement, Grade Checking, Pipeline Construction, Pipe Laying, Hazardous Waste Remediation, and concrete placement to name a few. 

o   The work may vary for each Contractor and for each job site. 


v  The work can be very physically demanding  including changing weather climates and conditions and the lifting and carrying of 50 lbs. or more. 


v  Apprentices are paid in accordance with the number of on-the-job hours accumulated:

o   0000– 1000 hours worked pays 60% of the current Journeyworker wage

o   1001– 2000 hours worked pays 70% of the current Journeyworker wage

o   2001– 3000 hours worked pays 80% of the current Journeyworker wage

o   3001– 5100 hours worked pays 90% of the current Journeyworker wage


The Minimum Qualifications

v  Mustbe 18 years of age or older- PROVIDE COPY OF PROOF OF AGE (Birth Certificate, BIA card, or Passport)


v  Must be a high school graduate or have a certificate of equivalency(GED)-PROVIDE ACOPY OF DIPLOMA, OR GED


v  Must possess a valid Alaska Driver's License PROVIDE A COPY OF AK DRIVERS LICENSE


v  Must have been an Alaskan resident for the last 12 consecutive months -PROVIDE A COPY OF RESIDENCYDOCUMENTS











v  Must be physically capable of performing theessential functions of the apprenticeship program without posing a threat tothemselves or others.  Applicants will besubject to a physical agility or fitness evaluation.  Must be physically fit, without regard to anyoccupationally irrelevant physical handicap.


v Applicants will be screened for the current illegal use of drugsprior to acceptance into the program and random drug tests will be giventhroughout.


v Must have reading and languagecomprehension sufficient to perform the work of the occupation.  If English is a second language, applicantsmust be able to read and write English adequately enough to keep from posing athreat to themselves or others in the course of performing the essentialfunctions of the apprenticeship program.


v Military applicants must submita DD-214.   May also verify militarytraining and/or experience for consideration of additional work related creditsbased on skills obtained while in service.



v You are encouraged to provideadditional informationin support of your application such as:


o   Resumes

o   Documentation of vocationaltraining

o   Letters of recommendation

o   Certificates of Achievement

o   Educational Transcripts

o  Awards


*      This is just a general overall view of the program to give you an idea of what to expect.

Please feel free to contact Kristen Smith-Apprenticeship Compliance Analyst with any questions or concerns.

13500 Old Seward Highway

Anchorage, AK 99515-4007

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*Applications are accepted year round.